Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Going Dutch

Amsterdam is a city known for its coffee shops, but when I went there, I spent most of my time in cafés. After long wet walks along the canals, there was nothing greater than finding shelter from the rain in coffee, pastry, and lots and lots of Dutch savories. Usually, when I don't know what to order, I pick the strangest looking thing on the menu. In Amsterdam, at Café de Prins, I chose Osseworst, a cold smoked beef sausage long associated with the city's Jewish community. Of course, since the menu was written entirely in Dutch, I had no idea of this when I ordered it! When my Osseworst sandwich arrived, all I could think was: Raw meat.

It was delicious though! My Amsterdam food adventure had begun.

Stop 2. Late night dinner of Steak Frites and Leffe. Ok, French and Belgian, but it still tasted good.

As you can see, vegetables were not a priority on this trip (well, unless you count potato). It's not that I don't like vegetables, but this is northern Europe, come on!

Stop 3. Albert Cuypmarkt. Located in the southern part of the city, in a neighbourhood where Dutch, Indonesian and Surinamese cultures come together.

Last stop. Dessert.

Is there anything more wonderful than drinking hot chocolate and watching the world go by? Especially when you're in a café with Bert and Ernie in it?

The End.

Oh, I forgot to mention. In Amsterdam, food always tastes better when dressed as Sherlock Holmes.

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